Executive Director, Saskatchewan

Kale Johnson

Kale Johnson is the Executive Director of Saskatchewan Blue Cross Recess Guardians. Born and raised in Saskatoon, Kale began working with youth in 2004 and first volunteered with Recess Guardians in 2010. Since that time, he has worked to implement and grow the program across Saskatchewan. He has worked with thousands of students across the province, teaching games and creating new leaders. It’s hard for Kale to pick his absolute favourite thing about the program because he loves all aspects of it. Kale takes great pride in the Saskatchewan Blue Cross Recess Guardians program because it is inclusive, active, and most importantly, fun!

Executive Director, Ontario

Nathan Moore

Nathan Moore started working with Recess Guardians in 2018. An alumnus of Seton Hall University with a Bachelors in Sports Management, Nathan has over 10 years’ experience working with various non-profit and youth development programs in the states as well as Canada. Nathan is a huge believer in the power of play and that every child should have the opportunity to live a happy and healthy life. The inclusive communities that Recess Guardians builds in schools and the opportunity to make a difference in the lives of all youth is what makes Nathan passionate about the work we do.

Program Coordinator

Daniel Elson

Daniel Elson is currently in his 3rd year as Program Coordinator with Saskatchewan Blue Cross Recess Guardians. Prior to joining the Recess Guardians team, he volunteered with the program for several years while attending University. Since joining Recess Guardians, his experience has been extraordinary! As someone who grew up loving every minute of recess, he understands the importance of instilling that same love for recess in the youth today. He see’s tremendous value in encouraging youth to lead their fellow peers, and believes it creates a lasting impact for everyone involved. He has always had a passion for working within the community and with youth, and Saskatchewan Blue Cross Recess Guardians gives him the platform to do both.

Social proof: testimonials

Great Program!

Magdalena Ecsedi

There is no Howard Robertson P.S without the Recess Guardian program! The amount of opportunity and support this program provides for our students is invaluable: a chance for leadership, a time to practise and model cooperation, mastering communication, boosting self-confidence, providing a chance for independence and initiative and best of all, reminding our students how great it is to play. I, Magdalena "Mrs. Mags" Ecsedi endorse this program and I know the students at H.R.P.S. do too!

Recess Guardians Program

Michael Mendoza

Recess Guardians was an important part of our daily distance learning activities. We enjoyed the simplicity and engagement. Thank you so much!